Junior Network Engineer

Európa (P-11028)

Main tasks

  • Discovery, assessment and planning, go to sites, analyse existing network infrastructure in distributed data centers/client sites and applications. The work will be conducted throughout Europe and in teams of 4 (1x Sr, 3x Jr)
  • In-depth analysis of the existing hardware, software
  • Collection of information and data, creation of migration plans
  • Creating BOMs of new devices and potentially software
  • Connect network with Indian network infrastructure and handover
  • NW hardware providers coming to distributed data centres/client sites
  • This will be accompanied by the team in order to install/implement the devices and supervise the providers onsite
  • Specifics:
  • There will be devices and products from several brands/vendors getting implemented. The existing infrastructure is heterogeneous too, however with an emphasis on Cisco (backbone) and HP.
  • The contractor will report into the Transition Manager

Conditions for getting the job

  • Solid network experience (multiple products and brands, with an emphasis on HP/Cisco)
  • 3 years of professional experience in the networking environment
  • Ideally valid Cisco certifications
  • Knowledge of all: Site surveys (On-site discovery), BOM sizing and ordering, network and system analysis, routing, switching, LAN (/WAN), client-server-infrastructures, installation/implementation and configuration of network components, migration skills
  • Negotiable English

Application requires

If you apply for this job opportunity or send us your cv via pal.bence@job.hu, you acknowledge that you read and accept our data protection regulation, consent us to store and handle your personal data.


  • The project will take 6-9 months. The majority of the time will be spent travelling across Europe

Details of position

Job identifier: P-11028
Position name: Junior Network Engineer
Work place: Európa

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